Scientific Thematic Strands

CNC.IBILI has the mission of deciphering basic biological processes with relevance towards understanding disease ScienThemStranGraphmechanisms, and of proposing novel therapeutic strategies. CNC.IBILI brings together a unique team of researchers in Vision and Neuroscience, Metabolism, Neurodegenerative and Aging-related disorders, and takes advantage of existing expertise in cell and animal-based research models, in translational clinical research, and in technology transfer.

The vision for 2020 is to achieve new and significant scientific breakthroughs in understanding and treatment of diseases that pose a high and immediate threat to public health. These breakthroughs will in turn drive economic change and health care improvement through research and innovation by providing a critical mass of scientific and technological knowledge that will be transferred into both clinical and industrial settings. We expect that by 2020 the integration of in silico models, genomics, molecular and cellular knowledge, animal models, clinical data and imaging will accelerate the transfer of basic biological discoveries to clinical applications and to the industry. Our vision is that we will be leaders in this integrated effort.

With the ultimate goal of using excellent basic research to develop novel approaches for diagnostics and therapeutics CNC.IBILI organizes its Scientific Program in three Thematic Strands: 1) Neuroscience, Vision and Brain Diseases; 2) Metabolism, Aging and Disease; 3) Stem-cell-based and Molecular Therapies. Each thematic strand represents a critical mass of researchers (more than 100 per Strand, including integrated members, collaborators and graduate students) organized within groups that feature high scientific excellence in specific but complementary research areas, aiming at blue-sky science breakthroughs as well as concrete biomedical application. Importantly, the three Strands are intertwined, allowing for transversal collaborative projects that define the mission of CNC.IBILI.