Therapy7 | Structure

Leaded by Amílcar Falcão, the Pharmacometrics group is composed by 9 integrated members, supported by 2 Postdoctoral Fellowships researchers, 17 PhD students, beside several MSc students and other collaborators (six of them with a PhD degree).
Researchers will be responsible for different stages of drug discovery and drug development processes, adjusting their competences to the retrieving results. The drug discovery process will be based on three researchers (Ligia Salgueiro, Teresa Baptista and Carlos Cavaleiro) looking for drug candidates with potential activity. Maria José Pinho and Nuno Mendonça will be responsible for the evaluation of potential antimicrobial drugs. Amílcar Falcão and Ana Fortuna will be focused on the in silico, in vitro and in vivo non-clinical evaluation. Fernando Ramos and João José Sousa will be in charge of the analytical and formulation steps that will support the in vitro and in vivo studies.

Overall, the selection of the most promising material by ethnopharmacological studies, including biological and toxicological assessments, will be complemented by the pharmacometric evaluation to optimize the whole chain able to add-value to new drug candidates.

The Pharmacometrics group is focused on drug discovery and drug development. Therefore, it seems reasonable to consider that our contribution for the CNC.IBILI strategic plan is transversal by feeding other groups with potential new drugs. Starting from plant sources, we are committed to develop a pipeline that can be used in different diseases by our colleagues focused on these fields. The competencies of our research integrated members and the corresponding track record allow us to be involved in drug discovery, bioanalytical development, formulation and non-clinical evaluation. In addition, our skills in modelling and simulation can be useful not only for our internal strategic plan but also (or even specially) to the overall CNC.IBILI mission.