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The “Systems and Computational Biology” group originates from the “Molecular Systems Biology” group through the association of three new researchers with strong curricula on membrane biophysics and molecular dynamics. The new group will have a stronger focus on translational applications and theoretical experimental-collaborations, with renewed emphasis on modeling the permeation of the BBB by drugs.

Dr. Armindo Salvador will lead the group and the line “Organization principles of biochemical networks in health, disease and biotechnology” line. This line will also have the collaboration of Dr. Alessandro Bolli.

Dr. Maria João Moreno (new member) will lead the “Modeling the permeation of physiological barriers” line, which will also have the collaboration of Dr. Luís Loura.

David Bowman, who has >25 years of software industry experience in Informatics Engineering (including numerous patents) and will obtain a Ph. D. in 2014, will lead the “Computational tools for biomolecular systems” line. This line will also have the collaboration of Dr. Renata Silva.

The group will be located in the new “UC-Biotech” building of CNC, where it will have full access to new computing equipment, including three 64-core and one 32-core servers.