Neuro2 | Structure

Typically, the group consists of senior scientists, post-docs and PhD students. Often, master students as well as graduate students from the several University departments and also from abroad apply to short research stays in the group.

A core of effective external collaborators from Europe (Jon Lunberg), USA (Enrique Cadenas and Greg Gerhardt) and Uruguay (Rafael Radi) is part of the team of the PI´s research grants with whom PhD students are exchanged as part of their training. Several other collaborations with colleagues from Portugal and abroad have been fruitfully established, notably Víctor Freitas from the University of Porto, Santiago Lamas from the Center Severo Ochoa in Madrid and Nadezda Lukakova from the Slovak Academy of Sciences at Kosice, with whom papers have been (or are about to be) published.

The PI is involved in the coordination of all the research lines and in the management of the group but the multidisciplinary approach requires the coordinated leading commitment of each of the senior scientists in their areas of expertise in close connection with post-docs. In particular, the group addresses questions that interface molecular biosciences and technological developments. In this regard, the permanent interaction of the PI with Rui Barbosa, the instrumental analysis expert, is critical for the development of the research programs.
The group was granted the Coimbra labs division of Center for Microelectrode Technology of the University of Kentucky at Lexington.

A further strategy of the group is to create an environment in which the post-docs can implement their own ideas and let them flourish into challenging projects. In this way, post-docs are encouraged to apply to grants as PIs.