Metab2 | Structure

The “Mitochondria, Metabolism and Disease Group” has a three prong structure based on the location of the different core sub-groups that composite it. Three distinct spatial locations divide the researchers in this group, forming specific yet complementary sub-groups. One of them is the “Energy Metabolism in Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer” laboratory headed by the PI of the group, Dr. Paulo Oliveira and which also includes the “Menopause Pathophysiology” sub-group (headed by Drs. Sancha Santos and Vilma Sardão). The second one is the “MitoLab” laboratory, which investigates mitochondrial signaling in health and disease, headed by Drs. Carlos Palmeira and Anabela Rolo. The third is the laboratory of Dr. José Custódio, which is located at Polo III of the University of Coimbra (School of Pharmacy). Although these sub-groups have an independent management, regular meetings will result in defined and clear strategies for novel lines of research and for common submissions to funding at the National and International level. All three sub-groups have attributed equipment and can use also the core facilities at the CNC. The senior researchers in each group are in close contact and predict, as before, the organization of regular internal meetings, which may or not include students. Furthermore, since mitochondrial research should be considered a flagship at the CNC, we predict that our involvement in common activities will be maintained, as well as the exchange of resources and consumables. Inside each sub-group, the teams are normally composed by pos-docs, Ph.D. students, Master students and laboratory technicians. The latter members act as resident laboratory managers while Post-Docs help in the supervision and training of the younger students. The close interface between the senior members will also increase the synergy and lobby towards the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment (e.g. Seahorse Metabolic Flux Analyser) to be used in mitochondrial research in the entire Center.