Research Groups

Neuro 1. Synapse Biology

Neuro 2. Redox Biology and Brain Sensing

Neuro 3. Neuroendocrinology and Aging

Neuro 4. Vision, Brain Imaging and Cognitive Neuroscience

Neuro 5. Purines in Brain Diseases

Neuro 6. Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Signalling in Neurodegeneration

Neuro 7. Aging and Brain Diseases: Advanced Diagnosis and Biomarkers

Neuro 8. New Targets and Therapeutics for Chronic Diseases

Metab 1: Cell Metabolism and Quality Control

Metab 2: Mitochondria, Metabolism and Disease

Metab 3: Metabolic Control

Metab 4: ImmunoMetabolic Pharmacology

Therapy 1: Vectors and Gene Therapy

Therapy 2: Stem Cell Biotechnology

Therapy 3: Systems and Computational Biology

Therapy 5: Medical Microbiology

Therapy 6: Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Therapy 7: Pharmacometrics