Regional Innovation

CNC.IBILI is committed to play a key role in the implementation of the next Regional Innovation Framework Program, called CRER 2020, at three different levels: competitiveness and internationalization; research & development, innovation and entrepreneurship; and smart specialization, where Health Sciences and Biotechnology are two of the specialization domains of the Centro Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3).

The innovation strategy plan for CNC.IBILII is focused on three pillars that are related to the operational programs of the regional innovation strategy:
1. optimizing the quality of the human resources (program EDUCAR);
2. supporting large multidisciplinary joint research programs (program ESPECIALIZAÇÃO);
3. fostering a knowledge-based economic growth and development (programs IDEIAS and COMPETIR).

While strengthening of fundamental science is essential, advanced education and training programs are vital to provide both research and industry with skilled human resources. The Advanced Studies Programs which include both scientific and entrepreneurial training at the doctoral and post-doctoral level, Summer Schools, and Clinical Research programs are examples of actions to foster the quality of the human resources, to attract, develop and reward a talented pool of researchers (under the regional sub-program TALENTO).

Besides promoting large multidisciplinary joint research programs with industry in areas of Neurodegenerative Diseases, Vision, Aging and Advanced Therapies, which are top-priorities of the regional innovation strategy, CNC.IBILI also facilitates access by regional SMEs to state of the art research infrastructures and the tools and technology required for the development of their research and innovation programs.