CNC.IBILI is an internationally established structure, with transnational collaborations including Europe, Canada, USA, Brazil, and China. Examples of current relevant initiatives involving CNC.IBILI include Eurobioimaging, the International European Consortium on imaging infrastructures (CNC.IBILI is the National Contact Point for this initiative). CNC.IBILI scientists are involved in the Human Brain Project – International Consortium on Brain Imaging, and have organized the Portuguese participation. We are strongly integrated in the framework of the EU Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) on Neurodegenerative Diseases (JPND). We will also continue participating in the E-Rare European Initiative, as well as European Projects with a Focus on Neuroimaging and Neuropsychiatric diseases (BrainTrain and Autism Consortia).

CNC.IBILI is part of international consortia on biomarkers related to neurodegenerative disorders (JPND: BIOMARKAPD; and DEMTEST) with the aim of building relevant international datasets that control for population variability, and that might be relevant for future clinical trials.

In terms of Metabolic and Aging-based disorders CNC.IBILI has pioneered non-invasive diagnostic technology based on metabolic tracers that is currently being developed and implemented in leading European and US Diabetes Research Clinics (German Diabetes Center and Mayo Clinic).