Advanced Training

CNC.IBILI has recognized high quality competitive Masters, PhD and Postdoctoral training available, involving both nationally and internationally funded scholarships. CNC.IBILI researchers involved in teaching, mentoring and supervising students in Masters and PhD Programs academically run by partner institutions at the University of Coimbra (Faculties of Medicine, Science and Technology and Pharmacy), in Programs involving several Universities (such as the Inter-University Aging PhD, PhD Program in Research and Development of Drugs, Medicinal Chemistry PhD Program), and in Programs that are run wholly by CNC.IBILI itself, such as the PhD Program in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine (PDBEB), whose academic title is conferred by the University of Coimbra through the Interdisciplinary Investigation Institute (IIIUC).

CNC.IBILI is the scientific Portuguese hub for the European Masters and PhD Erasmus Mundus initiatives coordinated by the European Neuroscience Campus Network (ENC-Network) that promotes high-quality training and student mobility involving several top European institutions. The PDBEB Program hosts PhD students involved in Marie Curie training initiatives or others in which CNC.IBILI researchers are involved (TreatPolyQ, Caffeine, Nanodrug, Brazil Science Without Borders Program). Postdoctoral training is supported by both national and international sources, including FCT, Marie Curie and EMBO initiatives.